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Finally, the amazing new album from the Kings of Cool is out! Be the first to own an exclusive signed copy of "Angels in Disguise" and immerse yourself in the captivating world of this remarkable band.

Let us introduce you to the brilliance behind the music. Led by the incredibly talented singer-songwriter and producer, Michael Christie, the Kings of Cool are a group of lifelong friends and accomplished musicians, including the brilliant songwriters Jason Kelly and Stephen Gallagher. Their music is a delightful fusion of classic guitar pop with hints of country and jazz, influenced by legends such as The Beatles, Nick Lowe, Waylon Jennings, Steely Dan, Squeeze, and The Eagles, among others.


Prepare yourself for a musical journey like no other. Each track on "Angels in Disguise" is a testament to their passion for creating music that touches the soul. From guitar-driven pop anthems to smooth soft rock melodies, this album is a sonic masterpiece. The songs will resonate with you, taking you on a journey through emotions and memories, all expertly crafted with a touch of country and jazz influences that make it truly unique.


Now, imagine holding in your hands an exclusive signed copy of "Angels in Disguise." This is not just an album; it's a symbol of the deep connection between the Kings of Cool and their fans. It's a piece of musical history that carries the personal touch of the artists who poured their hearts and souls into creating it.

But that's not all. For those seeking an enhanced experience, we have the Mini Bundle, specially curated to bring you even closer to the essence of the Kings of Cool. In addition to the signed album, you'll receive an ultra-cool new t-shirt that will make you the envy of all music aficionados. And as a special treat, we have an exclusive signature mug, perfect for sipping your favorite beverage while enjoying the irresistible melodies of "Angels in Disguise."


And for the ultimate fan experience, we present to you the Mega Bundle. This extraordinary package includes the signed album and the mesmerizing signature mug, just like the Mini Bundle. But instead of the t-shirt, you'll be wrapped in the warmth of an amazing exclusive hoodie. Cozy up and immerse yourself in the music, enveloped in comfort and style.


But the journey doesn't end here. We invite you to explore our shop for more exclusive deals, limited-edition merchandise, and delightful surprises that will undoubtedly enrich your experience as a fan. The Kings of Cool are waiting to captivate you with their musical prowess. Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of their extraordinary journey.

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